Music for Sound and Moving Image

Here is my summary for my approach to designing the sound for flat 1

Editing Techniques – Crossfades are added at the beginning at ending of ech audio clip, to avoid popping noises, I added markers at the start of the session, these allow me to then paste the audio into the marker locations later on making the process very quick. When inserting audio some of it will benefit from being a frame early or late depending on the effect. Panning plays an important role as my flat is to the left different audio is panned this way but never hard left or right to try and mimic an audiences perspective.

Thinking of the environment of the sounds (large space, small, wood floor, metal floor) I kept the sounds very dry as the room is rather small and it is unlikely there will be much reverberations going on. In some places I automated a low pass filter whenever the camera shows the outside of the apartment, giving the impression the audio is coming from inside the flat. I added a limiter on the master fader at the end of the session to prevent the audio from clipping and to raise the overall level of my stereo track.

Foley – Half of the Foley work is done using a portable Alesis Palm track, it is best done in a quiet environment, with the video in front of you so you can reference the visuals anytime to see if your sounds fit the scene. The other half of Foley sounds were collected through various royalty free websites (crucial for legal use of sounds).

Choosing the sounds – To me the man in flat one seems like a dull man, this is shown through his artwork (the same vase paintings are in every flat!) therefore, I chose sounds that would suit his personality and at the same time, due to several sounds going on with four flats, it is important the audio doesn’t thread on those other flats. Because of the non-comedic audio in some scenes I made it as if the man lets out gas several times for humour but also could be an indication to why he lives on his own.

Voice acting – Again should be done in a quiet environment, I decided to mumble gibberish into the Palm Track trying out various voices (male, female, young, old), in the end I decided everyone in the apartment complex has the same master yoda-esque voice keeping things humorous.

Music – The music is neither sad nor overly cheerful, and somewhat comments on all of the characters within the flat, I.E. when flat 1 man’s painting keeps dropping. Thus supporting the movement and personality of the characters, and influencing the audiences emotions at times.


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